[Book thoughts]: M. Gladwell’s Blink, Data modeling, and Corporate Structure

The book has held my interest. This unformed style of writing has compelled me to make my own interpretations of the facts and theories presented to me. There is something Dr. House-esque about the situation, if I may say so. Thin slicing fits in with an important adage in the machine learning community, known as the Occam's razor principle.


Tesla: Undoing the patent system

Last week, Elon Musk, the visceral founder and CEO announced that this company, Tesla, a pioneer in electric vehicle technology is making all their patents freely available to the world. Following the announcement, the patent wall at their headquarters was replaced with a giant banner that reads 'All our patent are belong to you' The sign is a … Continue reading Tesla: Undoing the patent system

You da’ man, pops!!

“ Good has two meanings: it means that which is good absolutely and that which is good for somebody. ” — Aristotle Last few weeks I have been giving advice to students regarding their prospective universities for bachelor, masters and PhD programmes. Its a  tough time for any kid, particularly the undergrads, fourteen is no age … Continue reading You da’ man, pops!!

Vrath, Laddoos and God

I woke up earlier than I am used to. My room window faces east, but the rays of morning sunlight are governed by the vagaries of the swaying Ashoka tree. Today, the house is ablaze with the preparation for the vratham. I wouldn't say our house is old as much as that it has personality. Slowly it creeks … Continue reading Vrath, Laddoos and God

Don’t be an Idiot. Vote!

I am so proud of IIIT for participating in Earth Hour last week. What matters is that we tried, don't care for arguments that the energy we saved was too little, or otherwise inconsequential. As any high school coach would say, it's important that you try. It shows culture and character. So, today I stand … Continue reading Don’t be an Idiot. Vote!

The Art of being Baffled

My father gave me care, nourishment, education, and sustenance, but I never loved him more than the day he got me the Sony Walkman cassette player. This nicely designed metallic rectangle, was exactly what a fourteen year old needed to dive into the lyrical and musical genius of popular music. Looking back now at my tape collection, … Continue reading The Art of being Baffled

Chandni Chowk Economics

Walking down Chandi Chowk is always an inspiring moment, and one of the best things to do in Old Delhi, even if street food doesn't particularly excite you. This time I also saw the famous Urdu calligraphers and some of their works. My best mate has now had the best chicken of his life time at … Continue reading Chandni Chowk Economics