You can’t break a Mexican heart

I was taken in by the city right away, having developed an appreciation for the good life in recent years. The weather was amazing, beautiful friendly faces as far as the eye can see, fresh seafood and a favourable dollar rate.


There and back again..

'The honking is the first thing that reminds you the trip is over', Bigfoot had said. It does have a 'bring you back to reality' effect, I thought sitting in the comfort of the majestic Kalka-Delhi Shatabdi Express enjoying chai and Marigold biscuits. I, along with nineteen other hapless souls from across the country, subjected our … Continue reading There and back again..

Chandni Chowk Economics

Walking down Chandi Chowk is always an inspiring moment, and one of the best things to do in Old Delhi, even if street food doesn't particularly excite you. This time I also saw the famous Urdu calligraphers and some of their works. My best mate has now had the best chicken of his life time at … Continue reading Chandni Chowk Economics

Portland: RedLine

I love travelling against the rotation of earth. It feels like I am travelling back in time. Ironically though, I end up seeing more advancement than in the future where I come from.  I can impart no new knowledge to this past I have landed in. Nothing they desperately need, that I bring. Perhaps some morality  but that is another matter. … Continue reading Portland: RedLine