You da’ man, pops!!

Pappy Day!

“ Good has two meanings: it means that which is good absolutely and that which is good for somebody. ” — Aristotle

Last few weeks I have been giving advice to students regarding their prospective universities for bachelor, masters and PhD programmes. Its a  tough time for any kid, particularly the undergrads, fourteen is no age to be asked what you want to do with your life. That though, is another story. The practical questions get asked, rather blatantly.

How much does the university cost? What is the scope?
How much money will I make ones I get out?

In the entire ordeal, I realized that my father had got me quality education. For all the times I bunked class, or didn’t pay attention, while I did end up getting a decent degree, I never questioned my own abilities. I think it was reassuring to know that my father thought of me as a smart kid.
So, whatever potential that I had and whatever I managed to exhibit, this man always always believed. Simply that. Believe in your kids. So today I think I should just say…

You da’ man, pops!!


2 thoughts on “You da’ man, pops!!

  1. ya……………….. a lot of quality education…………….. children or students…….. that is recommended……………. the answer to How much money will I make once i get out? is……….. depending on your ability to interact with people (in other words…. knowing your boss well and keeping ‘what your boss says is final and that he is always right’) you will earn……….. NEVER with what or how much you know or have knowledge of………………………….

    love you papu and mamu


  2. I agree, kids of today are living in tough times. Parents can be and are the best counselors they always have and can look upon. Lovely sweet message for your dad in there 🙂 indeed if we look back there is a lot we owe to our parents.. and that lot is a number we can never count.


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