The Art of being Baffled

My father gave me care, nourishment, education, and sustenance, but I never loved him more than the day heImage got me the Sony Walkman cassette player.

This nicely designed metallic rectangle, was exactly what a fourteen year old needed to dive into the lyrical and musical genius of popular music. Looking back now at my tape collection, I am definitely using the word ‘genius’ loosely. I saved battery life by winding back the tape with a pencil. Cleaned the head regularly with cotton, and I remember being very disappointed when the pause button came off.

Most importantly, it was compact enough to belong to one person. The use case made is so that it was mine. It defined me as I defined it. It empowered me to start my day with my music, a powerful feeling. The language of Delhi allows for only the quintessential metaphor, so I make this post PG-13 (more like PG-7 these days) by saying that device was fucking awesome.

It is a story that continues, doesn’t it. The empowering feeling of awe! It’s possible to do, be, know, say, think  all these amazing things, whether its my Science textbook, the Atlas, The Encarta Encyclopaedia CD, the Sherlock Holmes series, Indiana Jones, MTV, or Shammi Kapoor. That is the truly gratifying purpose of education. To create humans with open minds and beautiful hearts.

“One thing is for certain: the more profoundly baffled you have been in your life, the more open your mind becomes to new ideas.” ~Neil deGrasse Tyson



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