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They don’t make rock chicks like they used to. That’s right! I said it. It needed to be said. But then again they don’t make music like they used to either. Yes, you would have gathered by now that I am one of those people who aren’t able to move on in life from the music of the 70’s and 80’s. This article, I am going to, for no particular reason, give a shout out to some cool rock chicks of the by-gone era. I glanced through the wiki pages just to make sure what I knew about them was in fact true.

Stevie Nicks PN013345

Stevie Nicks

She made an identity of her own, after starting off from several bands including the Fleetwood Mac. The famous Go your own way  from the 1977 album  Rumours,  is perhaps the best breakup song ever written by song writer Lindsey Buckingham who had a complex relationship (and great chemistry) with Stevie.  Stevie Nicks was the main reason Jack Black convinces the principal to take the students to a rock show in the all time awesome movie, The School of Rock. The movie also featured her most famous song, On the edge of seventeenI had long promised myself to fall for any girl who had the lyrics of this song down :P. She had a very different and easy voice and many would agree that she was much better in live concerts

Joan Jett

Joan Jett

Joan Jett

Power guitar girls are one thing, but just look at her! She started her career as a teenager with the band The Runaways, one of the first serious all girl bands in the 70’s Some really cool songs, Cherry Bomb and Wasted put them on the map, touring and performing live. She was 17 when she toured UK with her band! Ofcourse,  her super punk and out-there  kind of attitude showed in her music videos of her next band she founded called the Blackheart. The famous I love Rock n’ Roll is endlessly covered since it top charts worldwide. It’s funny and cool how she spots a boy she likes at the jukebox in a bar (playing her song, Bad Reputation), and sets her eyes on him, very hip! My favourite song and video has to be  I Hate Myself for Loving You, incidentally another breakup song… ahem, moving on…


Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar

With songs like Hit Me with your Best Shot, Pat rose to iconic fame in the rock circuit after starting off as a classical singer. She was also a bank teller for a while! She wasn’t associated with a band but toured with guitarist husband Neil “Spyder” Giraldo, who is everything you would expect, the long blond hair, tall with adequate swagger and the works. In one of Seinfeld episodes, Steinbrenner is looking for George (who is dozing off under his desk) to ask him about the song HeartBreaker.

Gloria Gaynor

Gloria Gaynor

Nancy Sinatra

Nancy Sinatra

Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull

And the rests 

There are a few more women that I would just like to talk about, Nancy Sinatra rose out of her father’s shadow to create her own identity with some nice music, I love her version of As Tears Go by, originally sung by Mick Jagger. These Boots are made for Walking is another very famous and funny song in a very 60’s sort of way. Gloria Gaynor is best known as the singer of I will Survive (alright, I am going to stop saying ‘great breakup song‘). Gaynor is also famous for Never can say Goodbye and other songs during the disco era. Marianne Faithfull had a wonderful voice, which was sadly never given due, always overshadowed by her torrid relationship with Mick Jagger and drug problems. You will realize what I am saying with her rendition of that Jagger’s song. She did make her comeback years later, with a soft sad song, The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan

So I hope this list makes a good argument that rock chicks are not who they used to be. Ofcourse, some contemporaries are really out there, Orianthi, and Irish folk band, Corrs, for instance. So as I was playing one of the Jett’s songs on Youtube, this Tanishq advert came up. Pretty romantic and everything, but the poor girl had that one thing (underwater wedding photos) different in her life that she could brag to her friends about. I hope you see my point. Let me know if you have any rock chick favourites outside this list!


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