A Sachin Post

Coming up is my addition  to the Sachin posts to the webternet. Knowing fully well that my voice will be drowned in the millions of adulation towards Sachin Tendulkar. But here I am, for one specific reason. There is one word I can’t find in the description of the great man, pioneering.

The thing that sets Jordan, Pele, Gyaan Chand, Sachin, Bolt apart from the rest is not their long standing records or score sheets. They speak for themselves, often across generations.  But there will come a time, when other athletes are able to match them or surpass them.The reason for their greatness is in the pioneering example. They showed the human race that such and such limit of human endeavor can be broken. That it is not the limit. One can go beyond. It is possible.To jump this high, to dribble this well, to score these many, to win so much. 

So lets not get caught up in the hype, the god status, the number games. Not all of them can pull a Rocky 5 comeback. Probably Le Bron, Ronaldo, Virat or the likes will someday stand tall with their own numbers.  Lets remember instead that we throw our hats to those who remind us how easily we try to convince ourselves of our inadequacies and limitations.



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