A Drone Here. A Drone There.

Recently, there has been a huge upsurge in the automatic unmanned advanced flying vehicles. Don’t confuse them for a second, with some kids play-toy. Well you won’t if you see the price tag. These vehicles are light, fast and the navigation system on them is very advanced.

The maturity of these devices has seen a lot of hustle in the regulations and ethics front. Theverge.com did a nice video feature of what some of the inventors and developers thought of these regulations in the US.

India, thankfully, is not far behind. The idea for this post sprang to mind when I read here that a some researchers from Madras Institute of Technology are using an indigenously developed drone for search and rescue in Uttarakhand. The drone is equipped with NIR and thermal sensors, I believe. It would be amazing to develop a real-time people tracker that gives feedback to the drone.

‘DAKSHA,’ the unmanned aerial vehicle developed by Dr. Senthil Kumar of the Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai (thehindu.com)

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