26 Jan: A missed opportunity?

Happy Republic Day to all!

I love the day’s celebrations, always have.
The larger-than-life parade, the marching bands, the 21-gun salutes, the presidential speech the night before, the colourful floats and the fighter jets in formation; have all captured my imagination as a child. I can still recall watching President Shankar Dayal Sharma look on as the Indian Air Force Helicopters shower rose-petals.

Over the last few years, the celebrations have become a bit monotonous. Perhaps it’s my college years’ sleeping patterns, but I could barely keep awake. I think this a missed opportunity, I will tell you why.
The Indian Republic day has great timing; the beginning of the year, towards the end of winter, when everyone is happy to see a bit of sun. The days are beginning to get longer. It paves the way for perhaps the most productive few months of an individual before he scampers of shade in the gruelling summer. Let this be a time of labour; put aside the politics and forget about the elections. Let the two months be dedicated to performance and delivery. In whatever skill, job or endeavours of your choosing, toil and sweat. Let our leaders set an example, take the speeches seriously, be inspirational. Put forth examples and reward the accomplishers. Let the bright and vibrant music play and let the energy flow. Perhaps it will spring a sense of purpose and fulfillment, doing our self-esteem a lot of good.
Jai Hind!
Sabse pyaari teri soorath, Ma tujhe salam!


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