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This month has been about rekindling my passion for reading books. I got my hands on some really decent list of fiction and non-fiction, which I hope to power through.

An excellent read, a LOT of information is combined into nice flowing read. This is undoubtedly one of the best written books ever. It isn’t an encyclopedia cause of some personal and candid accounts of the politics among scientists who made great discoveries. To quote: The correct person almost never gets credit for a major break though in science.

 Another classic, gets a little bit too existential so I read this one on selective days.

 Full throttle Jeffrey, there is plastic surgery, Saddam Hussian, an x-model who becomes a top agent for the Mossad. It is quite fast paced.

I picked this one up cause I hardly ever read travel journals. I should be interesting but kind of a drag. I’ll practice skimming, fast reading on this one.

A brilliant, brilliant book. I heard endless praise from dad, I never got through reading the whole thing in one go, so I’ll try again! you can read this one over and over.

Denzil Correa successfully completed the mind bending ordeal of a comprehensive at IIIT-D. I hope to follow suite late next month. Congrats buddy!

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