Time Stamp: In the Zone

“In The Zone” = blue pics of Britney S.

Rather inexplicably, I find myself with amazing clarity in whatever I do the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if it was the trip home (after 4 months and two foreign trips!) , but NOTHING can put me off!

Time stamp of all the important things going on around me that I care about:

Motorola Razr is out. That is one thin phone man! Glossy and with Kevlar, that would make it the first of two sexy things to come packed like that!


 Nothing happened at both the F-1 and Metallica concert, so I don’t have to feel bad about not going.

 Burning guitar, the telecaster, the flipping of the crowd, the hair and the hot chick, I said  yeah yeah
Imtiaz Ali has impressed. Rahman brought out the best from Mohit Chauhan (though I still think he is a sellout for dumping his band, SilkRoute). It was the styling, the hues in the movies, The Kapoor own the role! I also loved the duality of happiness and pain. Bold song sequences.  Quote of Rumi, they all worked.

I will wait forever… but ICC should consider giving him a honorary century!

Been practicing for it, but it has been on and off. Some days I can do more distance than other days.
With less than 2 weeks to go, I am nervous and excited.
I am pretty sure of myself, but 21 km is a long distance.

My nightmare has come true, I can no longer hide behind the structured C# language. I am still contemplating a complete geek shift  (Linux + gcc). Or Visual C++ in Windows. It’s a nervous decision that can prolong my project time by several months. Gulp!

On a side note, I finish the final draft of my comprehensive report (50 pages in IEEE draft format).


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