Life Experience: WVU visit

I decided not to start with an apology to the readers for the recent hiatus. This is mostly because I am looking for a killer comeback post. While I wait for the flow of words to begin, let me first deviate and say I really like the new interface of blogger. (Note: A review post will be up shortly.)
This post is about my visit to West Virginia, USA. I was there for exactly 72 days. Most of the time I spent in a corner office of the new engineering building with the same exact co-worker and bosses I have here. The computing facility was a single home desktop and the laptop I took with me (less than a third of what I get). The morning ride from home to work was a 20-25 min journey each way, eating in the cafeteria was usually too expensive and there was a good chance the work would not matter much in the larger scope of my PhD.
Yet, for most of the last week of my stay, my gut throbbed as I sheepishly managed a smile in reply to “excited to go back??” I realize now, that in that time, I was surrounded not by clones but by individuals, each one with character, dreams, stories and aspirations so different from my own. I saw how some people do the right thing against all odds, how easy it is for some others to hope that things will work out, or to go out of their way every single day to help friends, or how simple it is to really love your soul mate. So many times I asked myself “what if it was me?” and then felt silent.
Most definitely, I hadn’t laughed that loud or cared less about petty things that I had in that time, will forever cherish these memories!


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