Go mountaineers!!

So my Visa finally came through. Quite a funny place to be at, the US embassy and the VFS office, people begging to get visas, look nice and sophisticated but have trouble being in line or waiting for their turn.

Anyway, digs apart, I will be flying to Pittsburgh tomorrow. The flight will be boring, but some nice people at Morgantown offered to pick me up. Thanks guys!

I will be doing a project funded by DoD, this is funding all my expenses. But I do hope I can also get some research work done and write a paper. I believe it will be the first one that seriously contributes towards my thesis.
The visa delay means I won’t be attending CVPR this time. So my fall of fame moment is totally thrashed. I hope providence has a plan for me and is not just trying to screw me over. Even though I probably deserve it. 😉


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