I am your Axe Man!

The bitterness towards my beloved deo ads is uncalled for. I like the sensuality, the provocation at our set social norms.
Its kick ass, its fun, the oldies go “haaww”!, that’s exactly what they are made for and they deliver on it. I don’t see what the fuss is about.
 The statement from the I&B ministry is a complicated concoction of words like “obscenity”, “outrage”, “bad taste”, “improper portrayal“… 
I do like this sentence the most… 

…the cable operator shall ensure that the portrayal of the female form, in the program’s carried in his cable service, is tasteful and aesthetic, and is within the well established norms of good taste and decency…

Funny!! Almost sounds like a commandment. Did God tell you to have proper commercial adverts??
For crying out loud… they have to promote a product that makes you more desirable to the opposite sex. Its not like they are selling baby shampoo. I’ll tell you what, the ministry should focus on some real issues that they haven’t sorted out for ages…

Crappy news Channels with nonsensical ‘breaking news’.
Stupid, uneducates giving health advise on TV.
Endless arguments and speculations about ongoing lawsuits.
SMS polling about news items.
Defamation of the acquitted.

Rather than worrying about the correct/acceptable ‘portrayal of the female form’.
Stupid, Incoherent wigs!! I hope you all die and let us elect better people.

#COPY FAIL: @RajneeshKapoor pointed out an awesome FAIL by TOI. Faking News was fooling around here relating to this ban about some bloke suing axe.  Then TOI puts it up like a real story here. #majorFAIL


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