Dart Boards and Rajnikanth Action Figures

Let me first deliberate my utter displeasure at Google’s latest fiasco. Do they even understand the consequences of loosing a perfectly good CCAH article. 

So last week, we had a birthday party hosted by our own DEN. Post party was “wild things loose on the streets” time, so we all found ourselves in a giant toys shop. After several inappropriate comments, we decided we should have a dart board in the lab. Pencil had something very specific in mind but we did settle of a legit board, mind you its a very hard sport to get right and I am sure one of us will have an eye patch at our grad ceremony.

As I walked through aisles and aisles of action figures, GI Joes’, Batman, Superman (strangely no wonder woman!), I realized that we don’t have a single Indian super hero! 
Specifically, I could not find a single Rajnikanth action figure!! How wrong is that?!! Arguably the biggest brand in India, can easily take on all of the American superheros with one hand tied to his back and no one thought to make action figures of him. I can’t fathom why?
I guess its in the whole embracing your culture and those picky issues. Well anyway. I hear the big guy is going through a rough patch, health wise. I wish him a speedy recover and all. Apparently there is movie coming up with Deepika which I would like to see.
Our own chitti, is no less, when he drives around the campus in his cycle, Pencil never overtakes him in his motorbike, he just scoots along behind him. If you ask why that is, the answer is very simple, “You can’t travel faster than light, dude!” 

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