The Big Picture

You may infer from my previous post that having a paper at CVPR means the world to me. Yesterday I came across this post by a seasoned researcher-blooger from CMU. Here is an excerpt that I liked.

But remember when you were a teen, and you wanted to build a rocket which lets you travel at relativistic speeds — allowing you to go back in time? Or remember when you wanted to build those humanoid robots that would both entertain your kid sister and help out your mother with house chores?

Getting your paper submitted to a peer-reviewed conference, so that you can pad your CV with another publication, is incommensurable with the dreams you once had. The publication of today is the A+ of yesteryear, and it is just way too easy for us, intellectuals, to stay comfortable with those A’s, without asking for more. But robots need us, CVPR papers won’t assemble themselves into intelligent machines.

Going after childhood dreams is well talked about but scary thing these days. To be quite honest I don’t remember/ want to remember any of them.
However, this exercise did bring me to the big picture which is very important for motivation. This bloke to my right knew about these things but the more I think of his advice, the more I remember that I might have been in CMU if only I studied harder.  Shit!


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