Kinect Mania

Second Week of March, to the envy of my unimaginative colleges (Sorry! but its true), I convinced my advisor to get me a Kinect. Some great hacks are now available online. Start here and then go here and here.

Well, it did take me some time to get to this point. But I am now able to get the RGB video and the disparity map streams on to OpenCV C# wrapper called Emgu. Then I wanted to plot the data as a 3D point cloud. So I finally got to work with OpenGL. Which is awesome!
Ofcourse, many great hackers and programmers are doing great things with it. Probably one interesting thing is that I am able to abstract all this to C#. Though I love VC++, my need for abstraction overpowers my geekyness. Well that is a demon I will face later.

I will be updating this post. I just wanted to put it out there.


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