This is my next “Engadget”

I didn’t put a picture of Paul cause he doesnt look this good 😛

Josh Topolsky, Nilay Patel and Paul Miller have all left Engadget. Which is pretty sad. I knew for some time that Josh was leaving and I expected like a Leno-Conan kinda thing happening. 
But the news that all three big names are taking the high road is like finding out about the tooth fairy or something.

These guys, especially in the Engadget Show, were a straight parallel to the three.

Well anyway, these shoes would be very big to fill, I understand and Engadget should take a cue and totally recreate. Obviously way harder done than said.

Meanwhile, the Josh-Nilay-Paul band have apparently shifted to SBnations, which is very strange but they will build a new gadget show. They are still pod-casting here, until their next big thing is ready.

And it’s funny as ever which is not great news for the new guys at Engadget but the way they will/should look at it is that its still the same!!
Plus this threesome will have bad Chinese karma cause we all know that a real warrior never quits.


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